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Lure For Him Personal Lubricant

Lure For Him Personal Lubricant

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Lure For Him Personal Lubricant grabs the gals with chemistry.

  • Scientifically Designed 
  • Pheromones Added
  • Made for Him

Lure For Him Personal Lubricant is a mirror of a lot of lubes out there, it is slippery which adds comfort to sexual encounters by reducing nasty friction. With things gliding with ease, it keeps soreness at bay and that makes for a better and more pleasurable experience. The similarities end there because the focus of Lure For Him Personal Lubricant is not the lubrication game. It meets the needs for lubricity and smooth feel just right and then takes care of a bigger challenge.

That challenge is the inclusion of chemical attractants, the scientists in R&D worked tirelessly to combine the lube with the power of chemical attractants in the form of alpha-androstenol. It allows you to be chemically charged and grabs women with chemistry. Like the Axe commercials, women will go bonkers for some boinking and it is all thanks to Lure For Him Personal Lubricant. Grab the gals with chemistry and lube up with pheromone power.